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Corporate Valuation - the book Statoil Equity Report
The revolutionary IAFR® approach to valuation is decribed in the book "CORPORATE VALUATION - The IAFR® approach". The book has a hands-on approach and guides you through all steps in the valuation process via practical examples. Click to see more. The first corporation to be valued via the IAFR® approach is the Norwegian oil company Statoil. We estimate that the real assets in Statoil are 10 times higher than reported in the official IFRS report for Q2 2014. Click to see more.
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The IAFR® method

The essential feature of the IAFR® approach to corporate valuation is to recognize and identify all the intangible assets that are available to a corporation. And the - often overlooked - intangible liabilities all corporations are also facing.

The pivotal point in the IAFR® philosophy is that any kind of revenue that flows to a corporation must necessarily stem from some sort of valuable resource and that any cost must stem from some kind of obligation.

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